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it's dangerous. >> reporter: and investigators are on the scene trying to reconstruct this crash and try to figure out just what happened. police say it's too early to say what charges if any are coming down against this driver. police also say at this time they don't know if alcohol was involved. john schrinfen, news 4 today. let's go to tom to get an update on our forecast. tom, it's a beautiful morning already. a little cool out there. >> question, ayes, and nice. >> big change from yesterday. we got into the 90s yesterday, but now it's feeling almost like autumn. just to our west, it's upper 50s to near 60 degrees. now 67 at national airport, but only near 60 in prince george's, arlington, montgomery and fairfax county. coming if on a pit of a blustery
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northwest wind, it did die down a bit overnight. hook out on the mountains, only in the fourth on western maryland and much of west virginia, and right near the waters, it's in the upper 60s to near 70. the view from space over the last 12 hours showing canadian high pressure pumping in on the northwesterly breezes and that h be with us here throughout the day today with lots of sunshine and cooper weather. highs reaching near 80. that wind will be gusting around 25-mile-an-hour or so and it will diminish a bit tonight and still be a bit blustery tomorrow. cool tomorrow morning again down into the mid-50s. and saturday looks delightful, sunny in the morning, clouds in the afternoon, highs near 80, clouding up saturday night. could get much needed rain on sunday with highs near 80, but it does look like it will end in time for the skins game sunday night. now let's check traffic on this thursday morning. ashley linder, good morning. fortunately we're wrapping up overnight road construction. we had a ton of it, so the inner
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loop at little river that's all gone and the outer look at 66, they're in the process of picking up that work zone. route 1 new college park, all is quiet. the taillights although it's hard to make out which is the tail and which are the headlight, but those tail heights there are leaving college park headed around towards greenbelt and lanes are open and at speed. back to you. metro h will continue to use holiday weekends to make safety changes. the transit system will use the columbus day holiday in october to replace tracks on the blue and orange lines. that means more station closures similar to the labor day weekend closures on the red line. the mcpherson square station will be closed and there will be no blue or orange line service at metro center. the red line will continue to serve metro center. metro is suggesting riders add 40 minutes on their trip during the three day weekend. a district family is devastated this morning after
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the death of their four month old baby girl. making matters worse, they're position faced with tough questions about why the ambulance never made it. jackie bensen or thes. >> we take pictures of her. >> reporter: these pictures are how she'll remember her four month old taught. on tuesday, she got a frantic call at work, her brother watching the baby at home said something was wrong. she was not breathing. >> i'm going through all types of traffic, all types of traffic. >> in rush hour. >> in rush hour. i'm going on the wrong side of the street, everything, and i finally stopped the police and told them i can't drive no more. >> reporter: she learned the baby had been found unconscious, her 13-year-old son ran across the street and flagged down a d.c. police officer. according to police reports, the officer arrived at the home about 5:01 p.m. and immediately began cp rcht.
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within a minute's time, another officer called 911 and an ambulance was dispatched from george washington university hospital, more than eight miles away. interest the police officer came and did cpr, too, and he brought her back, he was cussing the fire department out saying they need to be here now at. >> reporter: at approximately 5:08 p.m., a paramedic headed to benning road. they arrived about 5:14 and took over resuscitation efforts. about 5:24 with the ambulance stuck in traffic, the engine crew decided to rush the baby to the hospital themselves. fire department officials say every ambulance in the city, about 40 of them, was already on an emergency call except for the one at g wcht hospital. >> the three or four closest units that normally would have responded to that area were on other calls. so as our units were responding, the police officers of course continued to provide the care.
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>> reporter: she says it just doesn't seem right. >> it also hurt because she didn't deserve what they done it her. >> reporter: the fire department says the response time was faster thanle national average. that is little comfort to the baby's family. jackie bensen, "news 4 today." virginia's governor is releasing details about a plan that would privatize the commonwealth state owned hick or stores. governor mcdonnell says he hopes to raise more than $450 million by selling off the stores to private businesses. also included in the plan would be a tax on alcohol butt by bars an restaurants. and the number of hick or high senses would be tripled to 1,000. critics of the plan say it could lead to a liquor store on every corner, but the governor's office says that's not the case. the plan reserves most of the licenses for large outlets like grocery ands c s cdiscount stor. >> the spirit of christmas continues to hif on. the county board of supervisors
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voted against a ban onseting up holiday it is plays outside the county courthouse in leesburg. yesterday the board voted 8-1 to allow the displays. it says the public has the right to free speech and that holiday displays are part of that right. michelle obama is using tonight's kickoff to the nfl season to showcase her let's move campaign. mrs. obama has been speaking with schoolchildren about childhood obesity in new orleans where the season opener is taking place. yesterday she ran football drills with kids and former football mayers at a park near the mississippi river. she even took a handoff from nfl commissioner roger goodell. and the season gets under way tonight right here on nbc 4. it's a super bowl rematch between the champion new orleans saints and the minnesota vikings. grammy-award winning singer taylor swift will be purchasing during the pre-game festivities. coverage starts right here on nbc 4 at 7:30 with a kickoff at 8:30. >> so it feels like football season now.
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>> yes, it does. the weather cooling off, so it's all perfect. >> very exciting. 4:37 is our time. and ahead on "news 4 today," the race for d.c. mayor heads into the final stretch to the primary day on you tuesday. >> we'll show you who is ahead in the latest polls. plus, take a look at this, a bus engulfed in flames. we'll show you where and how it started. and a check of the early morning weather and traffic. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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welcome back. it's 64 degrees out this. a nice cool start to your thursday morning. it feels like fall. and it will be a nice day. >> yeah, summer is sort of over, isn't? it ended right with the calendar. >> yesterday got into the 90s again, but today i think we're done with the 90s for the foreseeable future. today a big change has moved in overnight on some blustery northwest winds. canadian high pressure has moved in. i love canada, thank you. thank you so much for delivering this wonderful weather to us. we'll have a high today near 80 and a blustery northwest wind coming in. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine, too. and then overnight tonight, cool again, 50 tomorrow morning, into the 70s tomorrow with shine and a bit blustery still, but the wind will settle down saturday with that sun in the morning, clouds late in the afternoon, highs 80. much needed rain moving in on
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sunday, but should be dry for the game sunday night. a look into next week in ten minutes. ashley, how is the traffic? we're starting off very quietly this early morning. taking a look at 270, no big problems to report. volume on the increase, though, as you see this toward the top of your screen a little bit of volume, but nothing too substantial. 95 all clear, no problems leaving fredericksburg making your way through wood bridge. and here's the pace through the springfield interchange. the center is the hovs at a very healthy rate of speed. it's 4:41. 64 degrees. >> and still to come this morning, caught on home video. a bus engulfed in flames. we'll show you where. plus the race for d.c. mayor, what mayor fenty wants from president obama. then local imams weigh in on the koran burning controversy. we'll follow the latest on one we'll[ male announcer ] on one it's sunday afternoon. time for football on verizon fios.
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here's a check of the top stories we're following this morning. two women are in the hospital after being struck by an out of control car that crashed in to a restaurant in adams morgan. witnesses say the car was speeding down 18th street just moments before it crashed in the front of keren restaurant. the driver was taken into custody. one of the women is said to have-threatening injuries. metro will continue to use holiday week ebb ends to make s station changes. two will be closed on the columbus weekend in orgt. service on the orange and blue lines will be affected. holeiday displays h again b allowed in louden county. the board says they have a right to free speech and holiday
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displays are part of that right. a new pin i don't knew opin vincent gray is holding a lead over adrian fenty. >> both candidates have hit the trail hard this week to make a final push to try to get out the vote. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: gray leading it in the public opinion pollses campaigned at a seen senior citizen home. >> doing everything we can to touch people. >> reporter: a new research pin gone poll shows maintaining a seven point lead with 14% still undecided. >> one, two, three -- >> reporter: fenty on wednesday was at the upchurch street recreation center in northwest. only the latest in a massive city wide rebuilding plan that fenty hopes h boost his re-election chances.
4:46 am
>> doing great, excited about the last six days. get as many to the polls as possible to convince those undecided and soft voters that we're the right candidate for the job. >> reporter: fenty has raised nearly $5 million compared to a million that gray has raised. fenty has $800,000 on hand. twice the amount gray has. but gray has raised enough money to be competitive. >> we're helping with transportation, for people who may need transportation. there are any number of people who have volunteered their own personal vehicles. >> reporter: fenty also said that he's asked president obama to endorse him here in the final days. fenty was an early backer of obama's. gray seemed to dismiss that effort. >> we've reached out much more locally. we've touched people in the city, who have been involved in the city every day. >> reporter: tom sherwood, "news 4 today." just days after a gunman
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invaded the discovery building, a bus caught fire right outside the building. a witness captured this video of the bus engulfed in flames. we're told the fire started in the engine. the bus was destroyed, but nobody was hurt. in baelt more, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a massive four al harm fire that spread to 111 row homes. the fire started on one side of the street and then was whipped to the other side by high winds. one firefighter was hurt and had to be treated for minor injuries. one of the most destructive wildfires in colorado history is now about 10% contained. quoefr night crews were finally able to start knocking down the blaze that has charred more than ten square miles and destroyed 135 homes. it has forced thousands of people to evacuate foothills west of boulder. no injuries or deaths have been or theed, but four people are missing as many have ignored evacuation orders to stay and
4:48 am
try to protect their homes. we've had new developments overnight about that florida church planning to burn a koran on saturday. the fbi is warning extremists may fight back and it could endanger u.s. troops. tracie potts is live on which i will with tcapitol hill with th latest. >> reporter: the fbi says there's no evidence of a specific threat, but it has high confidence from credible information that extremists may retaliate if it this florida church burns the koran saturday on the anniversary of 9/11. the pentagon fears it is could endanger u.s. troops and the state department's now asked every u.s. embassy to be secure. >> it's regrettable that a pastor in gainesville, florida with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distressful, disgraceful plan. >> reporter: but the pastor of that church says he has no intention of backing down.
4:49 am
even after his internet provider suddenly pulled both church websites. >> we feel that he is an indirect of course vie election of our freedom of expression, freedom of speech, because they are trying to shut us down. >> reporter: opposition is mounting from washington, from around the world, and from new york. >> if you're about religion, when christian or muslim, why do you want to offend people? >> reporter: hilt thing concerns is about building a mosque near ground zero. the imam says moving the mosque could cause a violent backlash from extremists. a senior white house adviser says while the church has the right to burn his korans, in his words, it's not the right thing to do. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. members of a mosque about silver spring, maryland are speaking out against the plan to build the koran. they held an interfaith dialogue last night at the silver spring civic building.
4:50 am
>> where he for t we are not going to do anything that is against the law. we will not be demonstrating, we'll not be breaking the windows. we'll be praying for the peace and praying for our homeland, united states of america. >> the imam says radical extremists compose a tiny fraction of the world's muslim community. but burning the came and will hurt the feelings of 1.5 billion muz hims around tmuslims around. at least two deaths are blamed on flooding caused by hermine. one was a 19-year-old woman whose car was swept away by a creek. several tornadoes have also been spawned by the storm. flood watches are in several surrounding states as the storm moves out of texas. come back here at home, no storm, just a lot of sunshine
4:51 am
and some cooler weather. much cooler. >> yeah, and we do need some rain, though. actually a portion of some of hermine's rains may make it in here on sunday all the way from the gulf of mexico. but a lot of it will have dried out by then, but we certainly do need some rain and that is not going to happen probably until sunday. there is that beautiful sky over the washington monument now. we have the early autumn constellations twinkling. jupiter is very bright. right now 67 at national airport. the dew point down to 45. and the air temperatures are cooling down, as well. right now in prince george's county, only new 60. low 60s in arlington and fairfax counties and montgomery county it, as well. weather watchers reporting in from frederick and washington county, in the upper 50s there as well as the panhandle of west virginia and much of the shenandoah valley, only the upper 50s and around the blue ridge, as well.
4:52 am
closer to the bay and eastern shore, temperatures 60s away from the waters but right around the bay, mid-60s. only in the fourth out in much of western maryland and west virginia, thanks to this high pressure continuing to pump in, breezes will be increasing as the day progresses. for the bus stops, we'll have sunshine, temperatures in the 50s and low 60s for the next couple of hours. sunrise 6:45. and we'll have breezes picking up by midday and sunshine, highs near 80. we'll be back it down into the 60s by late evening and then the 50s tomorrow morning starting off friday. sunny tomorrow with highs in the upper 70s. the likelihood of rain mainly sunday morning through midday sunday. looks like it will dry out in time for the skins game sunday night. and then back to work and school next week with more dry weather and heating up a little bit.
4:53 am
in the overnight hours, we had a complete closure of the beltway at 66, everyone detoured. that's in the process of being picked up. coming down 270, a little volume from 109 down toward the truck scales, but nothing too substantial. 95 out of virginia northbound, hov is just fine. here's the pace around 123 leaving wood bridge, no problems to report. and then from the beltway heaving heave i leaving 395 behind and past arlington boulevard, lanes open there, as well. >> thanks, ash. sometime now is 4:53. coming up this morning, do you enjoy a cocktail or two? >> find out which city has the best happy hour. plus laser danger everyone needs to know.
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we're never gonna catch anything. patience, son. ah! [ female announcer ] sometimes, you can get so much out of so little. woohoo! [ female announcer ] especially when it comes to charmin ultra soft. its ultra soft design is soft and absorbent. it has so much absorbency, you can use 7 sheets versus 28 of the leading value brand. so your family can get more out of less. mom's never gonna believe this one. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv.
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♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. there are safety concerns this morning about laser pointers and aircraft. state police, aviation crews and commercial pilots are joining forces to spread the word. officials believe somebody is aiming laser pointers at helicopters and airplanes. and that light can temporarily blind flight crews. >> cani can tell you it's very s
4:57 am
disorienting. and it could absolutely affect the air crew's ability to safely continue the flight. >> officials say they will prosecute the people responsible. it's not an official holiday in new orleans today, but it might as well be. city hall is closed and even schools are getting out early. >> they're having a getting ready for party anyway, all because the nfl kicks off another season tonight in the big easy right here on nbc super bowl champ new orleans saints will host the minnesota vikings in a rematch of last year's nfc title game. celebrations and a concert will headline the pre-game festivities. >> mark bar ger has a preview now. >> reporter: taylor swift can sing and she's part of the festivities leading up to tonight's kickoff. she'll take the stage in new orleans along with dave matthews for a televised pre-game
4:58 am
concert. a parade will also wind it way throughout big easy continuing the celebration of the saints super bowl title. >> we're trying to grab a little bit of that magic. >> reporter: same goes for the saints. a ceremony will push mostly 43 futile seasons in the shadows. >> watching that banner drop and knowing we were all part of that and that banner will hang forever and we will all be linked together forever because of it. >> reporter: the saints also share a link with the vikings, the team they beat in overtime to reach the super bowl. >> i don't think you ever completely get over it. >> reporter: brett favre put off retirement at least one more season to take another run at super bowl glory starting tonight with the saints rematch. >> it's a new season, so you have to move on. >> reporter: for the saints, moving on moves not letting up. >> you play this game to win. so now that we've won, you can't
4:59 am
say now there's no pressure. >> reporter: tonight's rematch just the first step in a long nfl season. >> we'll win next year's super bowl. >> reporter: temperature be played next february in dallas. mark bar ger, nbc news. and the season gets under way tonight right here on nbc 4. grammy-award winning singer taylor swift will be performing during the pre-game festivities. coverage starts at 7:30. the kickoff happens at 8:30. you may want to celebrate the start of the nfl season with a happy hour. and as it turns out, happy hours are something we're very good at. a cnbc actually ranked the best cities for happy hours and d.c. came in second place. nearly 900 establishments in the city offer happy hours, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a place to go. t it also excited the metro system as a good way to get home

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